I started on this path without imagining where it would lead me. It was the kind of love that comes with time, days, laughter and moments of fun. 

Beginning my experience in Madrid, I discovered the type of cuisine where the best raw material is handled and the best part of it is used in a presentation where it is transformed into something incredible, reaching perfect, rounded bites, the kind you would eat all your life...

After returning and working with Ricard, I learnt to treat an artichoke as if it were a sirloin steak, which means respecting the product regardless of its price and understanding its true value.

I consider myself a very Valencian cook but with a lot of touches from abroad, especially Adriatic and Latin.

Cooking is a state where I can watch the hours fly by, where I can laugh with open arms and feel free.

It is a moment of fun where work and adrenaline push you to overcome tiredness and the typical stress and frenzy of a service. Control in the midst of chaos, creativity between flavours and smells. Taste and passion merge where sauces dance with ingredients that can transport you to enjoy the sublime effect of an authentic dish.







 2022 Arena Zone Hotel & Café
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