At #AZCafe you will enjoy the food as much as the company. 

Quality products, the best coffee and a excellent service.

Come for breakfast, lunch, tapas, lunch or a snack.


Our #AZResto was born thanks to the need to create a space in the Valencian gastronomic scene where ART & COOKING find a consonant bond.


Project that explores authentic flavors. 

PATXI FREE URBAN STYLE integrates creativity and color to enhance the fusion of the heterogeneous and crystallize it in an "avant-garde", experimental and subversive identity.


"Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are". Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

#SomosAZ and at AZ we break stereotypes, we offer a healthy product that is seasoned, tasty, substantial, rich, appetizing, delicious, exquisite, delicate and pleasant (Do you need more adjectives?)

We are committed for a cuisine based on products of proximity, in a real recognition of the terreta, of the products and producers that define our identity.

We follow a philosophy of sustainability and taking care of the environment means taking care of ourselves, we are part of it.

We want to recognize again who, where and how what we eat is produced... fields, small farms or even an AZ Vegetable Garden? We are looking for balance and growth in this long road that humanity has to travel. Responsibility and respect for the earth and the human being.

Food is an unquestionable reflection of the social changes of contemporary western society, therefore improving our eating habits is a way to improve our environment, our health and our becoming.
We want to adjust our recipes, improve our carbon footprint levels, ¡Join AZ!, be a "crapulano - sanuloso", an AZoner and let's invent together verbs, nouns and adjectives that define our history that is just beginning and that has many chapters to write...

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 2022 Arena Zone Hotel & Café
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